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 comment_below_2 What if your life was a poem, a dance, a story, a song, a prayer? ‘Artist’ is a natural state of being. You don’t have to create great art to be a great artist. Every day you wake up and you create just by being you. Creativity is the path to honesty, trust, feelings, sensuality, intimacy, sexuality and authentic expression. It is your secret desire, vision and voice. Creativity is true to you, your experience, your individuality. Art is you opening to you. Hearing, seeing, feeling and experiencing you at your deepest place. The mystery, humanness and vulnerability of your soul. Art heals the artist. It is the medicine for a broken heart and soul. It is your aliveness and truth. Creativity is a daily practice, ritual and way of life. To apply each antidote into your life takes a hunger, willingness and commitment to your own feelings and needs, healing and inner strength, to your own voices and visions. Supportive community, acceptance, and self respect for your experiences is a place to start. Creativity needs others creativity to grow, be inspired and take action. It is a coming home to what is real in yourself and in others.

– Marta Luzim, MS

It does not matter who is older or whose is younger, where you were born, or what you wear, we are all living in the same time and same place experiencing universal feelings that tell a personal story. We all need to be seen and heard for who we are and we give people a space to do that.

– Lara Luzim-Zaytsev, BFA

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5 Antidotes to Your Creative Obstacles

Marta Luzim, MS

Antidote 1: Consciousness/Innocence, Relaxation and Receptivity

Obstacle: Self-Consciousness Self consciousness limits the mind. It creates boundaries and separation. It causes a person to look outside of themselves for the values, power and sense of self worth. It is attached to power from without, prestige, accumulation of knowledge and acquiring status and wealth. It is in conflict with nature and existence. It cannot surrender to the moment because it is always caught up in the past or future. It is total activity. It Is rigid, fearful, and stuck. There is no movement in self-consciousness. It judges, criticizes and sabotages your aliveness.

Consciousness finds power from within. It is receptive to the spontaneous action. It surrenders and is in harmony with the flow of nature. It is not in any conflict and can easily intuit the connection between random parts. It is like breathing in and breathing out. Strength comes from within. When you reach the place of receptivity imagination becomes empowered. To receive is to surrender to the creative unknown. To receive is to become a child and innocent. The not knowing, the discovery the listening to what is unseen and ready to be seen through you. The imagination and vision. This is the right hemisphere. The right hemisphere is functioning when the child is born, not the left hemisphere. Left hemisphere is what education Is built on. In most instance, what is termed creative learning is techniques to reinforce left hemispheric learning. Left hemispheric learning is memorization, repeating, and imitating. The right hemisphere is intuitive, creative, imaginative, innocent, and feeling. It is non-judgmental. It receive and accepts what the present experience is. What is happening In the moment. Be reborn and become a child again; ready to learn, finding wonderment in the ordinary, daydreaming, feeling, self-discovery from moment to moment. Creativity has to do with the quality of your consciousness. It does not mean everyone should be a painter, dancer or great poet. It simply means to let your life be a painting, let your life be a poem or a mythical story. follow your heart and follow your dream.

Antidote 2: Totality

Obstacle: Perfectionism Perfectionism: The critic says, “I want to be this or that, her or him, that goal this goal, famous and known.” If you want to imitate, power ahead, then you cannot be creative. You become self-conscious, critical, controlling, perfect, judging, competing, comparing, trying to improve, afraid to commit, afraid of failure – you are split.

Totality: Real art is when the artist disappears. Whatever happens, happens. He thinks of totality never perfection. The law of grace tells you to surrender, lose your self-consciousness, listen from within, loose perfectionism. When we caught in being perfect our logic (left brain) takes over and nothing original can occur.

“Art is a wound turned into light.” -Georges Braque

Antidote 3: Intuition, Feeling, Movement, Become the Child

Obstacle: Intellect Mind is intellect. It means memory, facts, theory, opinion. Mind is never original. No mind is original, fresh, young. Intellect is a mental game. It cannot be creative. The mind gives you the old eyes, it gives you again ideas: “Look through this.” But then the thing becomes colored, then you don’t look at it, then you project an idea upon it. It is the left hemisphere.

Intuition, Feeling and Movement are the unknown and adventurous. It encounters the mysterious side of every waking moment. It is the child discovering her toes for the first time. The raw experience of coming into and feeling the body, its emotions and sensations. Intuition is the bee magnetically drawn to the honey in the flower. It is what finds purpose and meaning in the random patterns of life. Patterns, discernment, intuition come together to find the treasure hidden in the deep forest – that is intuition – creativity is born from the rich soil of the soul. Intuition has to do with the heart not the head.

Antidote 4: Experience

Obstacle: Belief Belief: When there is belief then you are finished. There is nothing left to explore. This is what I BELIEVE. End of story. Beliefs squash all creative activity. If you have a belief that hangs around you like a closed door, look at it. Stare it in the face. If you believe you are uncreative, then you will become uncreative.

Experience: A creator holds no belief. She carries only her experience. Experience is open. It wants to know. It is never finished. To bring intuition into action you do not need more information or beliefs, you need more quiet, more inner listening, more experience. You need to become less mind, more heart, more feeling, more body and creativity will flow.

“At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity.” – Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Antidote 5: Individuality

Obstacle: Recognition/The Fame Game Recognition: Our whole life’s structure is such that we are taught that unless there is recognition, we are nobody, we are worthless. The work is not important, but the recognition is–and this is putting things inside out. Or if you are doing the work because it is something that takes up time, seems reasonable efficient to your life, economical, something you think you should be doing, then take another look.

Individuality: Any person who has any sense of his/her own individuality lives by their own love, by their own work, their creative urges, without caring at all what others think of it. Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny–he/she has something to fulfill, some message has to be delivered, some work that has to be completed. You are not here accidentally–you are here meaningfully. The world intends to do something through you.

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