All Heart – Repost from Breakthrough: Lara Luzim Dance

The heart is a powerful icon. It breeds images of love, of passion, of throwing caution to the wind. Most people are afraid to trust their heart. So many of us have had our hearts broken, shattered, disappointed. We rarely believe it is a rational way to make important choices. I disagree…that’s a cop-out. The heart beats and blood flows and sends messages to our brain, our body without adornment or judgement. It is our minds that judge it…our bodies that shut down on it. Our heart has the capacity to hold all of our triumphs and failures. If we don’t open it, unthaw it, and feel the intensity of all its bliss and pain…if we choose not to listen to what it’s saying, we can easily end up in cliched situations and mediocre relationships. We love the wrong people, trust the wrong patterns, control the wrong outcomes just so we don’t have to feel what our heart truly wants. READ THE WHOLE ENTRY ON BREAKTHROUGH: LARA LUZIM DANCE

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