Are You Hungry? By Taiice Davis

Where have I gone?
Was I eaten by my new girlfriend or boyfriend?
They are always hungry
And I am surely a bountiful feast
But they always chew me up and spit me out
I eventually put myself back together again
But then, I’m gone, again
Who is it this time?
The hard worker
The family man
The charmer
The money maker
The seducer
They are all different, but all hungry the same
Only two people who are full can be friends;
Or else the hungry one will eat the full one†
And I am a bountiful feast
But, for once, I will be stingy
And not share my provisions
I will feed on my own feast
And keep myself full

†”The Icarus Girl “ by Helen Oyeyemi

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1 Comment on "Are You Hungry? By Taiice Davis"

  • This is such a powerful poem.
    It is an affirmation for me.
    I see now that the better my boundaries are the better the quality of my relationships will be.
    I have hidden for years because I do not want to be eaten. Now I am learning to have strong boundaries so I do not need to isolate myself…I do not have to be afraid. I know how to protect myself now without collapsing around other people. When I collapse I lose myself…so I retreat.
    I do not have to hide anymore.

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