Give Her A Voice: Interview with Joyce

Give Her A Voice gave me a voice! You would think someone who is so conspicuous and vocal in the community and who has spent all her life writing and expressing, wouldn’t need one. But as I sat down with Marta to make my video, I discovered there were parts of myself that I had never expressed…not even to myself. What I have learned is that even if you are on the surface a successful, contented woman, there is still a history of pain, there are still unaddressed needs and all of us have some sort of little girl in us, crying out to be heard. Give Her A Voice is for all women, everywhere. –Joyce Sweeney

Give Her A Voice: Interview with Lily

Lily comes forward for the first time with her story of neglect, abandonment and her struggle to heal.


Give Her A Voice: Interview with Debora Seidman

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Give Her A Voice: Vulnerable, Strong, Creative Women

Give Her A Voice: Interview with Debora Seidman

Debora is an award winning playwright, writer, and trained in many body healing disciplines. Her story about first hiding her art and herself, going through trauma and illness, and finally being able to come forward with her voice to help heal herself and others is truly inspiring and enlightens us to the universal fears caused by trauma.

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About Debora: Throughout Debora’s life, she has found that writing takes her to the deepest places of healing she knows. The challenges she’s faced personally, and the challenges in the world that break her heart, are the very things she’s brought to her plays, poetry and prose. As a teacher, she is passionate about creating a safe space where the most sacred stories of our lives come forth.

She has been leading writing workshops since 1996. After receiving her MFA in playwriting, she trained with Amherst Writers and Artists Institute and was certified to lead writing workshops for underserved populations.

For several years she led writing workshops for women survivors of trauma and abuse and was deeply inspired by the power of writing to change women’s lives. She also spent many years exploring the connections of body, mind and spirit. She was trained in acupressure and Reiki and studied a wide variety of mind body disciplines, including Feldenkrais, yoga, Continuum, among others.

When her life became deeply affected by Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, she turned to writing and began to incorporate what she knew about the body and healing into a writing process called Writing the Body Home. This writing process has been one of the cornerstones for the healing in her own life, and it’s been her privilege to share what she’s learned with others.

Not all of us have chronic illnesses, and not all of us have survived major trauma, but we all live in a world that needs healing, and we all need to know how to care for our bodies in a world that’s become toxic on many levels.

She has won awards for her plays, poetry and prose. Her plays have been professionally produced in New York City as well as produced regionally in Western Massachusetts. Her poems and prose can be found in a variety of journals, including upstreet, Patchwork, Breath and Shadow, and others. She has also written and performed a one woman show. She’s twice been awarded grants to be a writer in residence at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, New Mexico. She lives in New Mexico.

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