Client Journal: I Have a Right to Be Here

I just finished breathing and meditating, and a thought popped up for me: “I have a right to be here.” I did some tapping [EFT] while saying it, “I have a right to be here”. The “I” that I am referring to is my adult. My adult has a right to here, to express, to be seen, to be heard, to be received. I spend a lot of time telling my adult otherwise. By numbing out, withdrawing, by not being assertive. And it makes me feel sad to realize that I do that, but also to have compassion for my younger self. As a child, it wasn’t safe for me to express or to be assertive. It wasn’t safe for me to be in my body, to feel what was happening to me. I’m starting to feel compassion for myself for coping with life the way that I have. But now, I have a right to be here. When I say that, I feel the warm fiery energy in my core and up through my throat. It feels nice and it makes me feel safe.

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