Client Journal: It’s not my Fault

I feel so much better since our last session. I feel happier, more confident and more comfortable with my body. I didn’t realize until now how me feeling ashamed of what happened to me affected how I feel about my body in general. I was only aware of how feeling ashamed affected me in expressing myself sexually. I am starting to like my body now. Which is HUGE for me. Before I was just so deep in blame and feeling ashamed, that I never liked the way my body looked. I never really felt truly comfortable in it, unless I was either alone, or wearing baggy clothing. The fact that I am starting to like the way my body looks, has me feeling happy and self accepting. I know I still have a lot more healing to do in this arena, but now I am actually looking forward to working on that part of myself. Before, I knew it was something that I had to work on, and I was dreading it, because I didn’t want to face the fact that I was blaming myself and making myself feel ashamed for all these years. I am doing the tapping, and saying “It was not your fault, you were only 9 years old. I love you,” to keep taking care of myself.

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