Client Journal: Sadness is Natural

Client: I am feeling sad today.  and yesterday I felt sad too.  i started letting my head kick in and i have been allowing myself to feel hopeless and defeated and horrible about myself. I am just feeling really lonely right now.  and I wanted to ask you for some encouragement and confirmation that i am not going to be like this forever… that i will have a good life and be happy eventually and won’t be alone forever.

Marta: Feeling sad is different than feeling defeated and horrible about yourself. Defeated and horrible feelings about yourself are judgments and you are telling yourself things are hopeless. The sadness is just release from past wounded feelings or something that is happening in the present that you are needing more of, or haven’t expressed yet. Sadness is a natural feeling. Be kind to your sadness it has a gift for you because it just wants some attention and nurturing. I am going to tell you when you stop judging your feelings and begin to receive and love them as partners in life, then you will begin to feel self-acceptance. I know the sadness can be overwhelming, but don’t go into “defeated and horrible feelings.” Telling you everything will be all right is a fairytale. You need to participate in what you believe is possible for yourself; that you will feel better about yourself, even if you feel sad.  But, everything will be all right and get better and better the more and more you learn to receive and create the inner support in the present moment  I know that you are learning to do that…You are on the path…Just by reaching out to me and asking for reassurance is a step toward self love. Your sadness is the child wanting to be held and stroked. Just feel I am there next to you letting you know that you are doing well, and the sadness is part of the journey. It takes time and patience to give yourself permission to be sad… can be a cleansing feeling not a defeated belief. Sadness cannot defeat you, it can only help you understand how much you need to be loved and to love yourself. Go in and feel the sadness. Hold it. Embrace it…don’t JUDGE IT. It wants to be nurtured. I am giving you support and nurturing…now how can you give it to yourself. What belief do you need to let go of about the sadness that is not serving you? Tap on your collar bones…Keep saying I am loved even though I am sad.  I am loved by________ (list who loves you and cares for you, is there for you).  Receive all of whom and what supports you… fill yourself up… and then ask yourself who does the sadness want to express to?  What will transform your sadness to a sense of well-being?

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