Client Journal: Teenage Rage

Client: I have been getting in touch with my inner teenager and I have to tell you I am a bit scared to get in touch with her too much!! She is out of control…the rage is very intense. This anger sometimes surfaces when I drive….I then get reckless and speed. Road rage! I recently realized this. When my teenager comes out I think I am invincible and am very self destructive. This is when I get road rage, overeat and overdrink! I realize this has been a pattern. When something bothers me…or I feel stressed I binge drink myself into oblivion so I don’t feel anything. I have not been drinking a lot lately, but I realize I get that feeling to drink pretty often.

I will work on accepting the teenager, however I have to tell you I don’t trust myself much when I am that angry…I might need a padded room!!! HAHA…

Marta: I am glad you are AWARE of the behavior that the teenager acts out when her anger emerges…It is addictive patterning…the drinking and road rage, and overeating is a way of repressing the anger…and underneath the anger is most likely hurt and sorrow…Going deeper to express the anger in a contained way, through the exercises together…will allow you to go deeper into your wounds and traumas that need healing. For now, stop drinking, and breathe when you feel the teenage rage emerge…Ask her what she really needs and wants… there is unresolved issues for her…what are they?…don’t just stay in the behavior. Feel the fear of her rage, but use it to open up your heart and find her vulnerabilities…and yes, that is what the therapy offers a padded room…with guidance and direction… Understand your addictions, underneath are the feelings you are repressing. It takes a lot of energy to hold emotionally the unexpressed and unhealed teenager…this why it is important to stay on track. keep breathing, letting out the anger through the pillow work or movement, keep digging to find the teenagers heart…find your edges, your inner boundaries when she emerges…feel the edge of your inner and outer body…it is called will…and urge to grow.. use the energy to push you in and to release through your heart and belly. containment is not repression…it is finding the inner boundaries of expression, this is work yet to be practice and mastered.

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