Client Journal: The Child

The child [in me] is afraid of everything and everyone new. She likes routine and comfort even if she is not in a good situation. The child’s fear takes over everything and controls my day. I hide out. I’m scared. The child’s emotions color everything. When she is angry, she vents to others and expects them to side with her. The child takes everything personally. Even a small slight is magnified in her head. She enjoys hurting people who she feels do her harm and is happy when they fail. The child does not like many of the people with whom she works. She colludes with others at work against those she does not like instead of speaking up for herself. The child tries to be the good girl thinking that this will get her through and ends up seething inside. The child is full of anger. She does not want to take care of people. She does not want to help people. She wants someone to take care of her. She is spiteful when people ask her for help. She tells them that she does not know the answer to a question or she says nothing in a conversation when she could step up and help resolve a situation. The child complains about many things. She dislikes most people and wants to be alone. She only lets a few people in and is hard to get to know. The child keeps everyone at arm’s length. She is only interested in her own pain and not in anyone else. She cannot see past her own sadness and anger to feel compassion for others.

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