Client Journal: The Shadow Terror between a Mother and Daughter

Today I killed my mother. Finally.
It was a long time coming.
The greedy bitch with her grieving soulless eyes
sucking, mutilating all the warmth in the world
tainting it with her stinking words

I took back the world
from her bleeding hands, the ones that
stole the laughter out of my mouth and heart
the smiles, clawed from my face
and left bruises and scars.

I took back the night.
All the hair she ripped out
the flesh giving way to her jarring slaps
and bruises…
I finally gave her her the biggest bruise of all.

And I don’t even feel bad about it.
How can I hate her this much when my life used to revolve
around her?

Her corpse saddens me.
Her body saddens me
Her eyes scare me. They’re
hollow, no love left behind.
Coldness abound.
Her mouth tight, no softness there.

How was I smaller than her at one time?
She seems so big in my mind. Her presence
a tornado.
Yet she’s so small.

I’m scared of her.
Her hands scare me They bruise.

When I choke her, I see the young girl’s
sad eyes and
finally, finally
I can do something
worth that pain
worth that sadness.

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    The courage in this poem has me sitting here in awe.
    What it took to feel this and to write this should go into the history books that are still unwritten of the journey of the emotional agony humans have suffered. That hidden world our world still wants to avoid looking at. When humanity at large is finally ready to look at their dark side and express their truth about it we will evolve our species to mind-blowing heights.

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