Client Journal: Why Don’t They Love Me?

My father never comes home when he says he will and he never talks to me. He doesn’t really act like he wants to get to know me. My mother tells me all the time how different or better her life would be if i was not in it. She treats me like I am a roach that is bothering her and she hits me to get rid of me. It hurts so much and it makes me so sad. I wonder why they don’t want me and why they don’t love me.


They hurt me so much and all I want is to get rid of them. I want them out of my life. I don’t want to want or need them. I can’t wait until I get away from them forever. I would love nothing more than to erase them from my past, present and future. Underneath it all my hatred is my need for them to love me and it kills me inside. IT JUST KILLS ME. It makes me even angrier. I hate them for what they did to me. I hate them and I hate myself  for still loving them. I hope that one day my father realizes what he has done and fall in love with me and wants to become a real father to me…I know it won’t happen but maybe he will be like M’s dad or my other friend’s dads.

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