Client Journal: Wrong Journal 3

A familiar old place. Hating everyone and making everyone wrong.
Core rebellion of my youth.
‘Leave me alone’ was my mantra in those days.
I hated people.
People were the enemy.
I see now I was projecting my belief that ‘I am wrong”.
I took on this belief early on after so much criticism and disapproval as a child.
Went to the gym today and used the anger to have a good and sweaty workout.
It calmed me down.
I am still very angry. Yelling out loud if I have a thought that pisses me off.
I am sick of being nice.
I am sick of pleasing.
From now on I will tell people exactly what I am feeling.
I don’t care about their approval anymore.
I give up. I am done with pleasing.
Fuck it!

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