Client Poem: Haunting

Searching for the still voice that once lived in my belly
Thoughts race by and by again
As they pass I toss them into a jar but the loud cries stir echos from afar
I can’t breathe…my breath a lost spinning tornado
Round and Round in my head
Tears come to the surface but I strangle them dead
My bleeding heart slowing down
Where is my voice? She remains unfound
A dying expression that chokes my scream
Sadness pinching my arms
Awaken to myself…to feel my hunger for love like a vulture
My desire…my fire…my need to bleed…to feed off of my tears…
For you to love ME
All of my weakness and fears
Wounded eyes and black & blue ears
Scarred from all of those years
Not good enough
You are stupid…slow
No one will love you if they know

In search of a perfect balance between the sun and the moonlight
No longer can I deny this wounded child from her birthright
Her bloody tears build up puddles of fears
I must face her…embrace her

Castles in the air…heartache and despair..
Take all of her or none
But without her you are aren’t even here
Invisible and untouchable
Because she is the child and the mother…the hope and the fear
She is the you that completes the you
My heart…my promise…my fate
All of my sadness, happiness, love
Oh love how I love to love
She is all that and you are her

The birth of the feminine
Her bleeding heart is yours and you are awake
You cry…and cry and cry with crystal clear loving eyes

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