Faith: Repost from Break Through – Lara Luzim Dance

Faith. I have been struggling to find my faith. I have always considered myself someone who believes and trusts that the universe will provide the signs for me to discern what direction to go in. I haven’t always been cooperative with the universe and have found myself running off course away from my destiny. I am beginning to realize that for quite some time, I have been rejecting my instincts to trust those signs. This is what happens when you’ve had it all in your hands and lose it in an instant. Faith is something I am asking for, praying for in my daily life more and more. What started as a whisper is becoming a movement inside me. Opening your whole self to it can feel like pain at first, like being stuck inside a dark room and finally coming out to see the light of day. Your eyes squint and your skin feels exposed and all of your impulses say, “run back to the dark and the disbelief”. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING

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