Give Her A Voice, The Telling

It is six o’clock AM. So much life awakening in the darkness. I am grateful I am alive, vital and moving toward a vision, a dream…My heart is warm…I am healing from so many years of grief, the loss of my family…my youth…the childhood that evoked great pain, great imagination and wonder of life. I am shape-shifting into a wiser, deeper need to give of myself. Give Her A Voice; non-profit, charitable organization, is a labor of love. It calls out from the night clouds, and night light to help women from every walk of life, to have the courage, compassion and community to heal the trauma and abuse that cries out to be heard and received. The child in all of us still exists. So…I am obsessed, driven to Give Her A Voice, birth with my incredible daughter, Lara, the visionary performance The Telling: be inspired by women’s gutsy “real life” stories of abuse and recovery, through film, dance, monologues and song. Proceeds of ticket sales will go to the Brookwood Home for Girls in Coral Springs, Florida. Contributions will build the community where retreats, workshops, and future productions will build a sacred community where women can come out from behind the veil of protection and find relief in playing their words, stories, voices, body, movement, music and create a new pathway for healing. If you want to be inspired, evoked, feel every emotion, and help many women to break through the silence that waits to scream out with fierceness and determination to sing, shout and let it all out, support Give Her A Voice’s production, The Telling. Go to and click to the right to buy tickets, make contributions and download a brochure. Vulnerability is HER greatest strength…

The moon shines in the cool sky. I watch the mysteries…my grandmother, mother, sister…all gone…their souls part of my soul, yet I lived to TELL, to give them a voice, give me a voice, give many women the circle of voices that births a world where art tells truth and the pain fades into the light…we are building so you will come…we won’t give up, the time is here to stop the fear of telling the truth. We can be loved, and love ourselves no matter what…Black out.

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