Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: Hear Me Mama

My ovaries cry
a song of freedom
blood escapes
dripping, tears, sorrow, loneliness
My uterus
never held, never cradled, never stroked
ripped out, pulled out , eaten
left over garbage food
My breasts
drip milk for babes
hungry mouths
toyed with like ornaments
gawked at like naked strippers
Who am I?
Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene
Who am I?
Esther, Vashti, Eve, Lilith?
Nurturer, prostitute,
pillar of stone, never look back
Healer, destroyer
mud play of earth’s belly
Priestess, slave
slithering on my womb, seeing visions
Goddess, victim,
reincarnated dust and light
lineage of women
over and over
coming back, coming home
from the stars, from the earth
My emotions
body, heart
soul bursts with energy
Mother Nature’s volcanic grease
My containment
sitting on energy
suppress roar of my voice
licking my wounds under my skin
My story
torn from the heart of the Bible
Eve, bearer of sin
Miriam, leper
Mary, men’s lustful droppings
false images of woman spirit
Be good little girl
cross my legs
cover my head
sit up straight
fold my hands
chew my food
hide my breasts
annihilate my power
T.V. images silky legs, painted eyes
plastic tapestry of womanhood
My intuition, my body electric
my erupting kundalini
whip it to silence
burn it to kingdom come
hang it from the sacred tree
and bury it alive
slay monsters holding crosses
computer lingo strangling my nightmind
Hold my cancer hiding
deep in the prison of my cellular mind
doing a jig birthing myself
midwifing my soul from the moon
My sword is my eyes
my broom my legs
put down ruler, mirrors
put down walls
open your mouth and sing
Aching, screaming inside
morning drops of snow
setting suns, curving rivers
shooting stars, time eternal
blooming roses, seats of thorns
hidden cities, underground messages
love under the moon
mountain laughter
swinging sky
clear my blood pure and red
Scream world wavering hips
seductive sun smiles
my lashes crawling
across innocent glances
No more lies
truth speak to me
Gut, groin, soul language
closet Goddess come out
wear your crown upon your vagina
mother of all
moon, stars, oceans, forests, galaxies
wild woman mama
Can you hear me mama?
Can You Hear me mama?
Can You Hear ME
Bless me now before my curse
Devour me into tiny yelping breaths

Hear me Mama!

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