If I Could Hear You Talking, It Would Sound Like This – Repost from Break Through: Lara Luzim Dance

Take a risk even if it doesn’t make practical sense. If you know and trust yourself, you can have everything you ever wanted. There is no time for regret, only gratitude. Life may not happen in a straight line, but its the winding road full of highs and lows that bring you to your ultimate truth. Enjoy the scenic route and don’t try to over think it…in love…in life…what we want and who we are can surprise us and you can’t always swim with the current. You may gamble and lose, get lost and confused, but if your insides seek to be awakened and alive you must keep rolling the dice. Don’t look to others’ life choices and think you should do the same. Happiness and fulfillment comes in different shapes and sizes, and even if the whole world disagrees with you, it doesn’t make what you want wrong. READ THE WHOLE ENTRY ON BREAKTHROUGH: LARA LUZIM DANCE

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