Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: If I could hear you talking to me now it would sound like this

Rain. Soft, drip, on the green, leathery soft leaf. It drums, and beats, comforting me like a lullabye, and cascades like a song from the clouds where the water goddess lives. The grass sings and reaches, thirsty for the sweet rain that floods the tips of their blades, a tongue that slurps down the heaven’s ocean spray, like a child deserted from their homeland. Rain. It runs through my fingerprints, like river tributaries and through the lines of my skin…it fills me with light liquid, allows my throat to open to drink in the moist, flavorful wet air, travel into my cells, around and around in my belly. If I keep watering my empty hole with this rain, it will hydrate my insatiable soul with life-giving forces that shout to the elves and fairies. This life pulsates the dew, lilies and daffodils, the wheat, and flows into everything rooted to the earth. This rain, it keeps everything fluid and waving through tough winds and torrid deserts that need their sand dunes quenched, and fires that burns trees alive. All of nature needs the rain. Even the hurricanes come to whip up the darkness of the abyss and once again leave the earth with the sparkle and glimmer of saturation, and fullness. Rain, it is the universal milk of the divine…rain…it carries me down rivers, across oceans and beyond. Rain, the symphony of the pat, pat, patter against the pavement…rain converges and unites each human’s flesh to each drop, a drop with every human, dead or alive, their name is written in the rain. It is our ancestors coming home to us, whispering, ‘stand in the rain, let it drown you, devour you, devote you to all that is awakened within you.’ Rain, I lust for the rain. It is the lover that never ceases to give. It is the rainbow that waits for the wishes that release its magic. Rain is beyond, beyond, anything that is earthly, and when it comes to earth, it is angels tapping us saying, ‘I am here. Don’t leave. Stay with me. I will give your hearts’ desire.’ Warmth, connect heaven and earth within your heart and cocoon my soul in the mother’s womb. The child wants to go there, hide there, keep out the world that gobbles her innocence…the child leaps into the rain and disappears into the mystery..

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