Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: Love your body, Save the world

Each step, one lily pad across the ocean
Walking throwing wisps of dark enlightenment
into the world.
The world of men needs the woman’s womb
to comfort and soothe the weariness of judgment,
rigidity and rules that take away the Quiet of the Mother.
So much noise out there it rattles the brain
How does the feminine crack the misalignment into
place and allow the blood to flow through the body of the world?
Out of balance is the world.
The woman can no longer tip toe,
She needs the legs of man to walk this world,
not to conquer, but evolve piss into pure water
She needs to shake it up by its axis with her soft roar
The voice of the belly blooms and attaches to the human heart
Howling like a wolf protecting the young who are abused and abandoned
alone, crying for a soul to cling to
She is ferocious in her love to heal
No bullshit, sweet talk, but full foul-mouthed confrontation,
Saying, “Look, Look here, at this shit, this violence, the lie and neglect.”
Man without woman is out to suck blood with a smile of deceit
Woman with man leaks blood and collapses like a hot air balloon.
Can you embrace pain and sorrow?
Can you listen to the whine of the pregnant woman
as she drops her baby to Earth?
Woman bleed from their vaginas
Men bleed from their wrists
Together their blood ignites the passion
The untamed jungles can longer be squeezed
of their life waters, we need the juiciness of the wild
the mystery death and resurrection is a woman’s job
man needs to hold the bounty of this cycle of life
It is not man against woman in this evolution
saving the world.
The epiphany is this destiny of man and woman
Together uniting in the heat of the sweaty orgasm
that ignites creation and birth of something new.

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