Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: Midnight Moon

My art is my lover
it excites me
like a caressing hand
it stares into my
eyes and sees the pool
of clear water
that whirls into my soul
it dreams along with
my wildest thoughts
and deepest desires
A rush of a waterfall
over a naked body
the sun stroking
an oiled back
lovemaking under
the stars of the
desert night.
The fall of autumn leaves
brushing the air
raindrops patting the ground
dots of lamplight lining
the streets familiar
the look of a stranger
curious to know who you are
Ocean liners sailing
across blue waves
water drenched shores
Parties humming music
to Latin beats
shimmering gowns
rub against the night air
they say such illusions
do not exist in life
If this is true then
my lover will take
me away never
to return.

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