Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: My Daughter, My Life

Take a deep breath, feel the life in me
Tears of joy lift me so high in the eyes of my daughter
on my stomach a warm, soft, ball of ecstasy
wrapped in a blanket of my blood
placed on my stomach to rest, merging into my heart, a soul sister

Graced with a miracle of skin, bone and pumping heart
a squeaky cry of aliveness whistles through my being
Oh my god she is here from inside out, she is here
from a seed, to an egg, to the word in flesh
my daughter a thing of unbridled passion

Her tiny fingers cling to my hand
Visions of dancing feet, swaying hips, grand destiny
my daughter an infant goddess
Mother Earth’s gift of Aphrodite’s beauty, Hestia’s self-hood,  Athena’s wisdom
crawling across my stomach into my mind’s eye
a reflection of my genes, my legacy, my woman power

Climbing my family tree, each branch bent, each limb thrown to the ground
I make a promise to plant new seeds, new visions, new feminine yearnings
Dig up the dirt, hands dirty, sweat across my brow, I dig a promise in the ground
Down where Persephone lives to birth new suns, new seasons, new worlds
Mother-daughter reunion of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Through the veins of my daughter I feel the pulse beat of my soul
it drums an ancient song of cosmic pleasure
drinking dark wines, eating juicy foods, laughing at each others face
love together, cry together, scream together, howl together
like wolves of the mountain skies
Oh my God, my daughter is here, she is here, the coming of a new dawn

Naked under the eyes of Goddesses, Gods,  Saints, Sinners
Tear apart the dried up sand paper womb
hush the cries of unmothered daughters, unmothered mothers, unmothered grandmothers
feed them to the wild dogs hungry for soul food
fill their bellies with a warm glow of umbilical love
slowly melt away the slave flesh to free my daughter myself
from jealous hags, panting men, old lady treachery
Crusaders who stalk woman’s homes
hanging them on crosses, lifting them on pedestals, baking them in ovens

A new life, oh my god, my daughter is born
A new life, oh my god, celebrate my daughter
A new life, oh my god,  dance to the resurrection
A new life, oh my god,  the awakening is here
A new life, oh my god, words cannot be words in
in the face of my daughter
they dissolve and dance at her feet

Breathless from this journey that is eternal
My daughter renews my every self
Talking for hours woman, daughter, friend, talk
Shopping, walking, holding hands, inspiring each others visions

What more is there to say
Incomprehensible to feel such feelings of love
My daughter a mirror to my soul, a champion to my being,
a challenge to my darkest wounds
Always, forever, growing so I can love her forever so she can love herself.

I give my all to this being of beings
Any wall, any mountain, any moon beam
I will scale with broken nails, shoeless feet, naked
to give her a home within herself, in this world, in this universe
my breath cannot consume all that I will do for her
My covenant, my covenant, my covenant

Raise my eyes, raise my hands, raise my voice
heaven can you hear me?
I stand on sacred ground
blessed with my daughter

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