“Naked” – Marie, Dancer in The Telling

It’s a couple weeks away from the show and I’m feeling excited, happy, scared, stressed, angry and just raw. I’m excited and scared to tell and show my story. In a way, this is like my coming out party. I’m stressed and anxious because I want to do a good job. It brings up my need to be perfect. Dance perfect, look perfect. I feel like I’ll be naked on stage showing people what I’m about. This show will make an amazing impact in the community. I’m thankful and honored that you want me to be a part of it. I have so many questions and thoughts running through my head. Will I be more comfortable in my own skin? Will I not have to fight myself so hard to not withhold or to stay present? There is something very freeing about standing on stage and saying, “Yes, this happened to me and I don’t want to pretend anymore that it didn’t!” The relief and support that there will be other women who are working through their trauma. That’s where the happiness and excitement comes in.

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