On Intimacy – Marta Luzim

On answering a client about intimacy: There is nothing wrong in needing and asking for attention from someone you love. If you cannot give it at the time, explain that and give when you can. Think about it. Don’t you need a lot of attention, in various ways throughout each day? Relationships are about balance, and the balance is different in every relationship, and sometimes different from day to day. Communication is always the key. Sometimes you won’t agree, or be able to give, or give too much, or too little. It is the impeccability and honesty of commitment to keep listening and communicating. It is caring that matters, opening up, even if it causes conflict within you and the other. That conflict leads to growth and deeper intimacy individually and as a couple. Remember in intimate relationship the other is a mirror and will irritate you to in ways that force you to open or close. Or touch and ignite you to blossom, or change toward another direction. It is all part of the journey. Intimacy turns your eyes inward to see yourself as you truly are, not as you think you are, and to see the other as they truly are, not what you set them up to be. It will shine a light on our darkest places, demand us to break down walls and heal our deepest wounds. Intimacy strips our ego and forces us to love from a raw, primal place, that challenges our most vulnerable fiber. It is messy, alive, immediate, intricate and internal. -Marta

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