Our Bodies, Our Voices, Cultivating the Courage to Speak our Truth

Come explore more of Caring for the Divine Feminine. Be deeply guided and connect to your body-voice. Share and commune with others in cultivating your courage to speak your truth; feel, express and heal. Join us on this journey on Friday, March 18th at Your Big Picture Cafe in Davie, FL. Your Big Picture Cafe is at 4900 South University. Click HERE for map and directions. You will also have the opportunity to purchase tickets to The Telling, or visit www.martaluzim.com and buy them today!

The way we care for the planet, Mother Earth, is the way we care for our bodies and souls. Inside our skin, our organs, our heart that beats, and our stomachs that pump nourishment. Through our psyche, our blood, every inch of us is the mirror of our entire existence, both personal and universal. We have genetically inherited in our DNA the human species. We are human. Being human, and everything that it takes to be human, is how we learn to care for the Divine. The Divine cannot care for us if we do not care about our bodies and our voices. This is the softer revolution. The revolution of body wisdom, the voice from our skin and bones.

Our senses; touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste speak to us in volumes and tell us what we feel and experience in our lives. Our brain is merely a computer, a download of information. It is not our soul, it is not our spirit, it is not our humanness. Our bodies have a voice that speaks to us through our senses, feelings and intuitions. This is how we are connected to the earth and heavens. Within our voice is a gut feeling, a vision, a spark of imagination. It is a gentle nudge of heightened sight. Other times, the voice from within is loud and pushy, as when we have a dream that wakes us up from sleep that inspires or frightens us.

We ignore our body’s voice. We think our body is about shape, form and muscle. But it is also a vehicle, a container for our soul voice, our spirit.

Caring for the Divine Feminine is caring for our body’s voice. A silent roar that tells us to change, to create, to have compassion and to transform.

How do you listen to your body?

How do your urges push you in your body?

How does your physical self talk to you?

Do you ignore a gut feeling?

How are you split between you head and what your body feels?  Which do you usually listen to first?

Write about a time when you came to the edge of a choice:

I remember a time in my life when…

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