Poem – In Beauty by Sonam Hajela

We pray that it will be done
In beauty.
In beauty.

In beauty, I accept that which I could not hold
Or control
In beauty, I give to you what I could not contain
And I give you the chance to redeem
Yourself and me.
In beauty I paint, over the colorless starving words
Lost in my mouth
They hunger for the tactile vision of reds and greens and magentas
In beauty, I want for you that which I cannot give, for what you want is
Not what you need
In beauty, I see lands afar, and so near in my mind, deserts and bazaars
Steeped in history and textures orgasmic.
Great Gothic arches, dark corners filled with deeds condemned, colossal buildings that moan with time.
My mind, eyes and nostrils hunger and hum with the beauty that awaits.
In beauty I imagine, quietly, the visions that I have not yet been able to grasp and bring forth
In beauty, I hope
I pray
That it will be done
For I am impatient
And beauty awaits.

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  • Beautiful poem!
    Thank you so much for sharing these harmonious and uplifting thoughts.
    I have sharing on Twitter and Facebook.
    And yes, beauty does await!

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