Poem: Mirage – By Sonam Hajela



Your love came to me
In a time of thirst
Deep need
And a raging desire

My own pools
Have been drained
And I tire of scraping the walls
With my nails
For droplets that have long gone dry
And leave trails of sadness

So I ran to you
I ran and
I ran
My skirts tripping my bare feet

My face blazing from the sun
My arms on fire
And my heart half dead
Only to find you


Your face was like an oasis
Fingers in my mouth
And your scent in my breath
Your body warm against my skin
But you were never there

I drop to my knees
And cry to the sky
Rail against the dunes of time
My tears draining me of
What is left…

With you
I disappear
I disappear here.

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