Poem: Shadow Mother by Evelyn Park

Shadow mother
is what you are
a shadow of a woman, a sliver, a slice, a crumb
tip-toeing around me
a whimpering dance to keep from awakening the lioness within
yet you throw a steak at the mouth of my cave
every time we speak
you don’t know what to do
you don’t know what to say
you dust confectioner’s sugar on a dry carcass
in hopes that I will bite
in the past, I ate it up
in the past, I was ravenous
but you are my mirror
my soul in a corset of rage
because when I look at you
all i see is what I’ve become
the same silence
the same slow death
yes, I have left claw marks in your womb
but I am crowning now
I am gasping for air
I will break this mirror
and carry a shard in my heart always
so I never forget

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2 Comments on "Poem: Shadow Mother by Evelyn Park"

  • So intense and powerful.I too became like my mother when I was still asleep to my true self. Then I woke up to her pain, my pain, my grandmothers pain….so many patterns.
    Now I can stay very boudaried with my mother, have compassion for her pain but remain true to my self as I never want to fall asleep to myself again.

    • Thank you Denny…I am just learning the boundaries…it is intense and powerful for ME to feel how I have become her. love Evelyn

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