Poem: The Beast Unchained by Sonam Hajela

I broke my ties
From you
They lay on the floor
You ask why
And I cannot answer
Because my heart is a wild beast
And is roaring against the
Bars of blood that close in

So take my words
You made my body a cage
But I will break every bone and bleed out every
pint of blood
so I can walk with this
And roar against the tides of all my

You ask why
And I cannot answer
For I have loved your pain for too long
My own is now too loud to ignore

So take my words
And know I dug in the dirt you never wanted me to
streaks of it now mar my face
but oh wouldn’t you know
I was elbow deep in your cloak of shit
And I found a key.

I am looking for peace
It is not still
It is an ocean that rips against those bars
Mixing with the scarlet
There are things
You cannot know

I want ugliness, a mark against this
Fragile filigree of lies
There is nothing pretty
About clawing my way out of your
Paralyzing eyes

And you are not forgiven
I forgive myself
You broke all the pieces and would have
Thrown the rest away
Locked away in shackles

So take my words
I will leave a trace
Of myself
Without your haunting legacy of
Reins and blood and bone

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