Poem: The Heart Calls Forth – by Sonam Hajela

Even a tiny piece of heart calls forth a cry so profound
My ears ring with it
I don’t feel love anymore
Looking toward a home
The heart cries for something it no longer
Remembers; the shine rubbed off
You lied with love on your lips
And my heart knew the truth
The cowardice in your chest; in your
Frozen fingertips
You never did know how to
Walk the paths your gilded words chose
But in those lost moments
My heart broke, bled a river so deep
It cleaved to never be the same
But now, with the glitter no longer
In my eyes
But on the mud-drenched floor,
I can tell you this
My heart is worth more
than your shoddy words
Your confused sentences
Tripping, falling, trying to mend
But what care of a road,
when the city itself is deserted?
My heart is a wild beast
And it needs not taming
Nor pathetic excuses
Just a resolve
And someone just as wild
Standing by me
Running the paths
Our hearts chose.

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