Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: Resurrection

I lifted her body out of the grave. She lay under the heaps of ancient bones; bones of women who had lost their souls.  I took her dangling bones into my arms.  The little girl lay limp in my arms. Her small fingers swayed in the wind.  Emptiness filled her space and the wind sang hymns through her skeleton.  I cried.  Deep tears.  Soul tears.  Groin tears.  I found the soul child of myself.

I screamed,  “Come alive.  Breath again!”  A piercing chant erupted from my heart.

My song of the eternal heart winds awakened the small child’s soul.  The child moved slowly.  First wiggling her toes, her eyes flittering, her mouth opening and twisting about.  She took deep breaths and smiled to hear her heart beating.  Her eyes opened wide, she reached for my neck, “You have found me.  Now I can show you the way back home.  Follow me.”

The little girl jolted to her feet and pulled me away.  She spun in circles pigtails flying in the wind.  A whirl of light trailed around her. I imitated the child and swirled with her.  Laughter filled the air.  Tears sprinkled across my cheeks,  “Alive, she is alive.”

We glided to an edge of a huge mountain.  Its ledge hung over an abyss.  Navy black heavens held an infinite sky of stars.  A full moon radiated its essence to the Mother Earth.  Together, under the stars we stood naked, one with all of Creation.  We stared deeply into each others vivid blue eyes and the child

I began to sing an ancient song.  It mesmerized me.  It’s melody caressed my heart, nourished my soul, filled my mind with wonder.   I felt a vibration of ecstasy.  It lifted me into a flame of light.

“It is real” the little girl says.  “Tell everyone it is real.  Believe in me.  You forgot once.  But never again!  Never doubt who you are. Come.”

Flowers bloomed from the head of the child and spread across the earth. A crystal wand hovered over us.  Its handle had a row of different colored stones that expanded and contracted like a pulsating planet.  It floated toward me and entered my third eye.  Visions emerged from my mind.  God’s love, Goddess wisdom, Mother Earth’s heart, Father sky’s compassion.  Planets, galaxies, star beams, moons, suns, lakes, mountains, valleys birthed before us. Creation’s unending dance unfolded for our pleasure. We merged, became one with the Universe.

Hand in hand, body to body, heart to heart, we leapt off the ledge–and flew.

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