Love – Repost from Breakthrough: Lara Luzim Dance

I’ve been so angry at love
fighting for it and against it at the same time
always defending its honor in a bar brawl
just before final call
bruised and battered
so mad at that cute and fuzzy little fucker
for tick ticking its way into my heart
when bombs explode they say, whatever does not kill you will make you stronger
eventually heal
but there will always be a scar left behind
you have to fall in love, take a leap of faith, see what the eye can’t see
and pray your losses will not overshadow that which is gained

I’ve been so angry at love
secretly numb to its radar
keeping the chip on my shoulder a little too sharp
darting in and out of its light
trying to forget its texture and warmth
resisting its seduction into the heat of its embrace
finding me here in the in-between, always coercing me to dance in the blue flame
you smell like alcohol and you taste like smoke
and you lead me in directions I never intended to be
you make me smile when I want to fight and cry when I want to laugh
waltzing in circles
leaving me distracted and dizzy and grinning from ear to ear…

The truth is,
choosing to love is like asking god for a roadmap with no directions
you both end up pointing at each other
when you really just want to cruise and wind the winding road together
the miscommunication is the complexity of our pasts
they get tangled and intertwined and leave tire marks on our souls
we never stop loving love we just forget how angry we are at it
those coulda been, shoulda been relationships, opportunities
the ones that would have been meant for greatness
only to end up water under a bridge, somewhere in the arteries of our bodies
clogging up memories that make us the most happy


If I Could Hear You Talking, It Would Sound Like This – Repost from Break Through: Lara Luzim Dance

Take a risk even if it doesn’t make practical sense. If you know and trust yourself, you can have everything you ever wanted. There is no time for regret, only gratitude. Life may not happen in a straight line, but its the winding road full of highs and lows that bring you to your ultimate truth. Enjoy the scenic route and don’t try to over think it…in love…in life…what we want and who we are can surprise us and you can’t always swim with the current. You may gamble and lose, get lost and confused, but if your insides seek to be awakened and alive you must keep rolling the dice. Don’t look to others’ life choices and think you should do the same. Happiness and fulfillment comes in different shapes and sizes, and even if the whole world disagrees with you, it doesn’t make what you want wrong. READ THE WHOLE ENTRY ON BREAKTHROUGH: LARA LUZIM DANCE

All Heart – Repost from Breakthrough: Lara Luzim Dance

The heart is a powerful icon. It breeds images of love, of passion, of throwing caution to the wind. Most people are afraid to trust their heart. So many of us have had our hearts broken, shattered, disappointed. We rarely believe it is a rational way to make important choices. I disagree…that’s a cop-out. The heart beats and blood flows and sends messages to our brain, our body without adornment or judgement. It is our minds that judge it…our bodies that shut down on it. Our heart has the capacity to hold all of our triumphs and failures. If we don’t open it, unthaw it, and feel the intensity of all its bliss and pain…if we choose not to listen to what it’s saying, we can easily end up in cliched situations and mediocre relationships. We love the wrong people, trust the wrong patterns, control the wrong outcomes just so we don’t have to feel what our heart truly wants. READ THE WHOLE ENTRY ON BREAKTHROUGH: LARA LUZIM DANCE

Change – Repost from Break Through: Lara Luzim Dance

Change sneaks up on you like a ghost in the night. One day you look in the mirror and there you are…somehow different from the last time you looked. I thought I had my life planned out. But it seems that plan was not fully challenging my true destination. If you asked me 5 years ago what my life would look like today, it would not have been where I’m at now. I thought I would be married with kids, living a solid life with someone I thought I would be with forever. I guess the universe had other plans. Chance and circumstance intervened and here I am, forced to reckon with the woman in the mirror that has been screaming at me to pay attention to her. I never intended to have this life, and at the same time it is exactly where I am supposed to be. Like sliding doors, 30 seconds can alter your path forever, and if you’re lucky it will throw you off the path you were on, and back on the one that was intended all along.  READ THE WHOLE ENTRY ON BREAK THROUGH: LARA LUZIM DANCE

Holy Ground: Repost from Breakthrough – Lara Luzim Dance

I hold myself tight and pray that I am enough. That wherever I go, there I am. That inside of me is a mythic force that is holy and ageless and propels me forward one step at a time. “What if wherever I stand is holy ground?” I am thinking about this and it makes me feel excited and scared. All the life that I have been waiting to live is right here at my feet and all I have to do is follow the yellow brick road. I feel like Dorothy: lost, unsure of the winding road ahead, thinking that I need other entities to make me brave, courageous, smart and loved. Waiting to meet some omnipresence that will command my fate. READ THE WHOLE POST ON BREAKTHROUGH: LARA LUZIM DANCE

K.I.S.S. – Repost from Breakthrough: Lara Luzim Dance

My dad would tell me growing up, ” K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid”. How true is that. Sometimes, just remembering to breathe can be productive enough to get us through our days. The other day I wrote about truth. It was a low day for me and hard to feel light and open. If it wasn’t for my friends, family and work, I don’t think I could have moved that heaviness. I taught class for a friend yesterday, a jazz class, and it was so much fun. I started to feel myself…READ ENTRY ON BREAKTHROUGH: LARA LUZIM DANCE

Faith: Repost from Break Through – Lara Luzim Dance

Faith. I have been struggling to find my faith. I have always considered myself someone who believes and trusts that the universe will provide the signs for me to discern what direction to go in. I haven’t always been cooperative with the universe and have found myself running off course away from my destiny. I am beginning to realize that for quite some time, I have been rejecting my instincts to trust those signs. This is what happens when you’ve had it all in your hands and lose it in an instant. Faith is something I am asking for, praying for in my daily life more and more. What started as a whisper is becoming a movement inside me. Opening your whole self to it can feel like pain at first, like being stuck inside a dark room and finally coming out to see the light of day. Your eyes squint and your skin feels exposed and all of your impulses say, “run back to the dark and the disbelief”. CLICK HERE TO KEEP READING

To Build A Home – Lara Luzim Dance


Music: To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

Video by Lisa Ann Photography

Break Through Lara Luzim Dance

The Tortoise – By Lara Luzim

I feel like I’ve been running away from my past for too long
like sprinting from a bullet fresh out the trigger with my finger on the target
pushing forward into the sunset of my spotless mind
I keep trying to rewind time and recall the things I can’t remember
its just one or two memories I’ve convinced myself
no big deal…the question I answered knowingly
an agreement I made with lowered eyes full of shame and embarrassment
I took it on…the family secrets that molested my body and broke my heart
the gun is smoking and I’m choking from the long distance I’ve been running trying to endure and forget just to feel clean
there is a lump forming in my throat fighting to become my battle scream
like a phoenix rising from my perenium giving my soul a voice that has been silent for too long
I double take to catch my breath…in and out
I feel the pressure rise and fall
piercing my chest until I feel my unrest begin to freeze
I am paralyzed by the fear of not knowing if there is more to remember and allowing everyone else to forget that it ever happened
my body ravaged by all the amnesia…I’m standing still…
my feet barely able to move
how do I begin to forgive my past
how do I stop hiding from my truth
how do I integrate the fragments I’ve left behind
and give these pieces a home to feel safe in as I take in the scenery and notice the sunrise inside of me
rays of light sewing the punctured arteries back together
letting the blood flow…warming me…
I watch the bullet pass unable to out-fly its speed
feeling the buzz of its hum rushing by my ears
I hear it whisper
life is meant to be savored
enjoy the flavor
like a fairy without her wings
walking softly between the sky and the earth
I transform into the tortoise
slowly putting one foot in front of the other
carrying my home sweet home on my back
I feel weightless knowing all of me is right where is should be
I start to run this race for myself
no one else to keep up pace
giving myself forgiveness for my quickness is taking grace that I haven’t quite mastered
but I will not sequester its desire to tame me into my present self
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am worthy of this kind of wealth
and so are you…if you choose
to become the tortoise with me
we can shed the hare from our bodies and be naked with all our secrets to share
do you dare
become the champion of your own race
your own bullet that breaks the barriers of sound
so that every voice that was ever lost will be forever found

Revolver: Lara Luzim Dance

Choreographer Lara Luzim in the studio