Client Journal: Self-Validation

I noticed that my self-worth and my feelings of worthiness sometimes start with me criticizing and pressuring myself. For example, Saturday after our session, I said to myself “ok, everyday, do the tapping and make yourself feel better about yourself!” My body felt tight and I felt a little afraid. I thought about what I just told myself to do and how I said it. It was very commanding, stressing and without warmth. I took a deep breath and tried again. “Take care of yourself this week by doing the tapping and see how you feel.” My body relaxed and a voice in my head said “Ok. I can do that.”

It really brought to my attention how quick I am to stress myself out and act out the coldness with myself that I learned. I am learning a new way to talk to myself. The old way, I am realizing wasn’t coming from a place of love, and was keeping me stuck in the hole. When I am tapping, I visualize holding the little girl’s hand and walking down the tree lined dirt road. She always looks happy and that makes me feel warm.