Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: The Dark Side of Female Relationships

It is potently important to give a voice to the abuses towards women in a patriarchal society. Every woman in our culture has been affected by male dominance. But it is also deeply important to be aware of the dark side of female relationships. It has been taboo to talk about the pain of female competition, negativity and abuse of women against women, mother against daughter, sister against sister. This article reveals some truths of these acts. In certain tribes in Africa, female circumcision, although mandated by men, is performed by women. For many of my clients, the abuse is perpetuated by mothers and sisters, as you can read in the entries on this blog. Women need to accept that they too can be abusers…each gender needs to take responsibility for their acts of violence, heal and forgive.

My mother physically and emotionally abused me. My sister emotionally betrayed me. I learned rage as a way to protect myself from their abuse. Learning to trust the feminine has be a lifelong journey…and one that has been rewarding, filled with faith, hope and a miraculous understanding of the feminine, free of societal myths and stereotypes. My wounds of being a female have been the road to my creative and spiritual evolution… and the healing still goes on.

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