Client Journal: Breathing leads to Psychic Knowing

The first thing I felt when I met you was your psychic energy. When I am around someone who is psychic, my left hand tingles and it feels like electricity is running through it; it is the reason I wanted to work with you. A non-psychic therapist wouldn’t be able to guide and work with me the way that you do. You honor your wisdom, and I really need to see what that looks like.

A few months back, I took a mediumship and psychic development course. We got to the part where the people in the class were working on evidential mediumship contact. The woman I was partnered with was in her 60’s, and apparently had some unresolved stuff going on with her mother. Guess what spirit I made a link with through her? Yup. Her mother. This woman was angry that her mom cared more about looking glamorous than raising her and loving her the way she needed. She was also holding a lot of resentment and anger towards her mom because she had recently died and left her, her own daughter, out of the will. Obviously, I could relate to her feeling hurt and angry over her mom. I was able to describe her mom perfectly and tell the woman memories of her childhood. Her mom then wanted me to ask this woman about a business she was supposed to be starting. The woman kind of stalled in answering the question, and said there were some things she needed to consider and think about. Then, the spirit of her mom told me to tell her “I have no apologies for how I treated you. You know why? Because whatever I wanted to do I did it. No matter what. That’s what you need to do. Stop thinking, and start doing. That’s who I was.” I said it as nice and as gentle as I could, but it was still, in my opinion, a harsh message. Until that point, I’d thought that once someone died, they would gain some sense of enlightenment or wisdom or something. Nope. Not this lady. There was no remorse or sadness for how she treated her daughter. No apologies. Unfortunately, this woman was really looking for and needed some sort of apology from her mom. She didn’t get it. At least, not when I made this contact with her mother’s spirit. This woman got extremely angry, and then took her rage – which should have been directed towards her mother – out on me.

I felt scared! It was the first time that I’d made contact with a spirit like that. I could feel her mother’s energy, smell her perfume and hear her voice, so it was exciting, but at the same time, I wasn’t anticipating getting raged on, not like that. I can only imagine what you have gone through in your experiences. And it sucks! And sometimes is painful, at least for me. I wasn’t trying to fuck with this woman, or manipulate her. Her mom, though not said in a loving caring way, might have had a valid point. But her mom wasn’t loving and caring in life, so I guess not much changes on the other side, or least not with this particular spirit.

It feels good to me right now to share this piece with you.