The Telling

My Promise to Myself

I promise to stay to feel, to stay to tell
Along the way I forgot to Tell. I had to forget to survive
I will Tell to Heal and be reborn
I can stand in my truth, my pain and love myself
It is my choice and only mine to find my voice to Tell
It is my spiritual, creative and divine right to Tell
I am alive, supported and stand in my Telling
The Telling is my soul reaching, touching, feeling
I connect, I belong, I am alive

Give Her A Voice Promo with Clips from The Telling 2011

The Tellings are directed by Marta J. Luzim, MS, President and directed and choreographed by Lara Luzim of Break Through: Lara Luzim Dance.
The Tellings light up the stage and unveil the poignant and passionate stories of women as they inspire the audience with their gutsy “real life” recovery from complex trauma and abuse. The Telling is a multi-media production of dance, monologue, music and film. The Tellings are not just telling the story, it is also about self knowledge, self realization and healing. It is about feelings and expression. It is about digging deep into one’s soul and feeling the truth and seeing the truth about oneself. It is about personal in-powerment.

As a newly developed 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, GHAV launched its premiere performance, The Telling, on April 10, 2011 through fundraising and private donations. GHAV’s goal is to promote and expand the organization by inspiring others to share their stories, come out of their shame and break their silence.

In producing our inaugural Telling, we succeeded in achieving our short-term goals and visions with limited funds. Now we are seeking funding to assist us in our long-term goals to enhance and enrich the lives of women in society.

A Clip from The Telling 2011 – Tracee’s Story


A Clip from The Telling 2011 – Marie’s Story

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