Marta Luzim’s Writing The Wave: Women of the Night

Hiding in the veils of the soft black clouds of night
covering my soul with a pillow of empty visions
alone to hear the echoes of the wind in the mountains
searching for an answer in the song of the coyote
the heat of the desert and its moist warmth on my skin
the mystery of the desert cries out a voice to me
shaman shaman dancing around an open flame
lost in its glow, heavy in its message
alone, alone, alone
inside of myself
touch the vacant places- fill it with something?
This foolish, trite life I live
to be among the tribes, tracking the sands
I hide from this passion, living as if I am a woman
of supermarkets, laundry and weekly nail appointments
Pray to the mount, hear the song of Isis,Asherah and Lilith
dance, faster, faster, faster till you drop
What is it I want, what is it I hide, what is it?

The women of the night
the women of the night
hidden in the mists of Avalon
where is this power, this vision, this knowing
I can no longer play this role


I was born in the light of the moon

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